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Agricultural University of Plovdiv .

The Agricultural University of Plovdiv (AUP) is established in 1945 as a national centre for agricultural science and education in Bulgaria. The AUP is the leading institution in proving comptences in agricultural business, science and education. The Mission of the AUP is:

  • to provide high quality student-centered education guaranteeing competitiveness on the Bulgarian and the European labour market
  • to produce competent specialists committed to civic virtues, capable of realization of national and EU policies and strategies in the agricultural sector
  • to produce research results, which are quickly taken up by agricultural practitioners, through a close collaboration with business.

The University is equipped with modern research laboratories, experimental and demonstration fields and greenhouses, lecture halls, computer rooms and libraries, sporthalls and playgrounds. The AUP provides education for obtaining BSc, MSc and PhD academic degrees as well as postgraduate Lifelong Learning (LLL) for enhancing qualifications of professionals. Bulgarian and foreign students enroll both as full-time and part-time students in degree courses of agronomy, plant protection, animal husbandry, agroecology, horticulture and viticulture, agricultural economy, agro-tourism, etc.

The AU-Plovdiv has academic and research contracts and agreements for cooperation with national and international agencies and institutions, private agricultural companies, associations and foundations with more than 100 universities from Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA. The University research policy involves implementation of research programmes and projects focused on knowledge-based advancement of Bulgarian agricultural development, tourism and the country’s integration into the European economic area. The AUP provides high-quality expertise to agri-business through research and development centres, e.g. a Demonstration Centre for New Technologies in Agriculture, a Centre for integrated management of plant diseases, an Agroecological Centre (R&D in organic agriculture and food since 1993), etc.

The AUP participates in international educational and research projects within various EU programmes, e.g. TEMPUS, PHARE, Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus, etc. In the recent years, the AUP has realized six projects under Operational Programme (OP) ‘Human Resource Development’, three projects under OP ‘Trans-border cooperation in Southeast Europe’ (Inno_FOOD, GuardEn and AGRO_LESS), EU TEMPUS IV programme with three projects in three different areas – plant protection, food technologies and agribusiness 4 projects with the financial support of America for Bulgaria Foundation.

Scientific and Research Projects (EU Programmes)





Improved Nutrient and Energy Management through Anaerobic Digestion /INEMAD/


FP 7Р Knowledge Based Bio-Economy (KBBE)

Prospects for Farmers Support: Advisory Services in European AKIS /PRO AKIS/



Supporting the role of the Common agricultural policy in LAndscape valorisation: Improving the knowledge base of the contribution of landscape Management to the rural economy CLAIM, Project number 289578


FP 7, Grant Agreement 319998

Sustainable water treatment and nutrient reuse options, SuWaNu


Horizon 2020, ERANET Cofund actions, BiodivERsA

Sustaining agricultural change through ecological engineering and optimal use of natural resources, STACCATO


At present, the AUP is implementing 17 significant international projects, including 8 educational projects, 5 research projects financed by FP 7th and 4 projects under EU Operational Programmes. The AUP Scientific and Research Centre implemented 95 research projects funded by the state subsidy and 32 projects financed by the National Research Fund in the period 2008-2015 in areas such as: genetic resources in plant and animal breeding and new technological decisions related to global climate changes; conservation of natural resources and the production of safe agricultural products; sustainable land-use systems and rural development; machinery and equipment for agricultural production and waste management.

The AUP modern Laboratory Complex includes an Accredited Laboratory Complex, Laboratory of Plant Biotechnologies, Laboratory of Microbiological Technologies and Laboratory for Photosynthetic Analyses. It is certified by Bulgarian State Standard EN ISO/IEC 17025/2001, and carries out analyses on water quality (incl. pollutants as heavy metals, pesticides and microbiology); soil quality; agricultural products and products of the food and flavour industries; wines and spirits; microbiology of products of cosmetic industry, etc.

The AUP organizes regular public discussions with representatives from the Bulgarian Presidency, the Government, Employers’ and Non-governmental Organisations, foreign embassies and consulates, Bulgarian members of the EU Parliament, etc. The AUP researchers participate regularly in advisory committees at the Ministry of Agriculture (Working groups for Rural Development Programme 2007-2013 and 2014-2020), Ministry of Education and Science (State Committee for monitoring and assessment of implementation of the National Regulation for monitoring and evaluation of research carried out by universities and scientific organisations and the National Science Fund) and others.

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